Tax Rate Rules

Tax Rate Rules

Creating Tax Rate Rules


To create a New Tax Rate Rule from the Tax Group page, click the Create Rule button under the Pending Tax Rate Rules header.  You can also create a Tax Rate Rule from the Tax Rate Rule section in OpSuite (found under Admin/Taxes).  This will open a pop-up window.  Below are the fields that can be entered on a New Tax Rate Rule.








Type Code - The unique code by which the Tax Rate Rule is identified and located within the system.  

Description - Detailed description of the Tax Group.
Maximum Taxable Amount - In the cases where the particular Tax Rate Rule will be in effect for a specific value range, this is the minimum (beginning) amount (where the tax rate will start to be applied).
Maximum Amount - In the cases where the particular Tax Rate Rule will be in effect for a specific value range, this is the maximum (ending) amount (where the tax rate will stop being applied).
Fixed Amount - The fixed tax amount, if there is one (this is not common).
Percentage - the Tax Rate for this rule is entered as a percentage (8% not .08)
Apply Over Minimum - Only apply tax to portion over minimum taxable amount. When checked, the system will only apply tax to the amounts above the minimum.
Include Previous Tax - This is a checkbox that the user can click or tap if they want to include the previously charged tax.



Tax Rate Rules can be edited by selecting the Edit button next to the Tax Rate Rule you wish to change.  

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