Tax Groups

Tax Groups

Tax Groups  
The Tax Group records is very simple record, designed to identify the tax location or destination and hold the Tax Rate Rule(s) that make up the total Sales Tax for the group. The Tax Group record is what will be attached to each Location as their default Sales Tax Group, and also attached to Location Item Detail Records for items that do not fall under the location’s default Tax Group.
To create a new tax group, click the New Group button found in the upper left corner of the lookup table.


  • Taxable Group Name - Name of the Taxable Group. This will be used to identify the Tax Group within OpSuite and the Point of Sale System.
  • Taxable Group Description - Detailed description of the Tax Group (optional).
  • Taxable Group Code - The unique code by which the Tax Group is identified and located within the system. It is important that this field be unique, and accurate as it can be used to automatically identify tax rates when shipping or delivering product, in which case this field may be a Postcode, or a City Name.


Adding Tax Rate Rules


Once your Tax Group is created, you can begin to add new or existing tax rate rules.  


To add an existing Tax Rate Rule, click on the drop down button under "Existing Tax Rate Rules to Add".  This will allow you to select 1 or more tax rate rules to the Tax Group. 





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