Points Campaigns
Points campaigns are a way to reward your frequent shoppers.  Customers can earn points on a whole transaction or for purchasing certain products.  Points earned can be accumulated and redeemed for a reward.

To create a new Points campaign, click on the New Points Campaign button found in the upper left of the Points lookup table.

First, enter the Points campaign details.
  • Name - Name of the campaign
  • Description - Description of the campaign
  • Reason Code - Select the reason code associated with the Reason Code Type of Loyalty.  You can customize the name and description of the reason code in the Data Types section of OpSuite.
  • Locations - Select the locations for the promotion to be active at.
  • Start and End Date - The date and time you want the points to start accumulating and when they will stop accumulating.
    • Day of the week - This allows you to select certain days and times you want the points to accumulate within the start and end dates.  For instance, you want points to only accumulate weekdays after 5:00 pm until the store closes.
  • Is Exclusive - This points campaign is exclusive and cannot be combined with other points campaigns.


Next, you will enter your Points Campaign Settings.



Points Ratio

  • Points - How many points are earned
  • Per Item(s) - Quantity of items needed to earn the points
  • Per Item Dollars - Dollar amount spent on items to earn points
  • Per Transaction Dollars - Total transaction amount spent to earn points
  • Department - Items purchased within selected departments will earn points
  • Category - Items purchased within selected categories will earn points
  • Add Specific Item(s) - Specific item(s) purchased will earn points
  • View Details - Shows what departments, categories and/or items are part of the points campaign 


* If no department, category or item(s) are selected, ALL items will qualify for earning points.





Certain items within a selected department and/or category can be excluded from earning points.  


To add items to the exclusion list, select the Exclusions tab under Points Campaign Settings, then select the Add Exclusion button located in the top left corner of the exclusion table.


A pop-up window will allow you to select one or more items to exclude from the points campaign.


To clear items from the Exclusion list, select the red X next to the item.  You can clear the entire list by clicking the red Clear Exclusions button.   



Points Redemption


To redeem points, you must set up a Promotion where the Qualifier is Points.  For more information on how to set up a Points Redemption Campaign, please see Promotions.     

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