Performing a Transaction

Performing a Transaction

Performing a Transaction
The OpSuite Point of Sale's primary function is to perform sale transactions.  This section will show you step by step how to perform a transaction, including adding and/or removing items and tendering out the transaction.   
1.  Log into OpSuite POS using your assigned 6 digit PIN.

 2.  If adding a customer to the transaction, add them first, then add the items being purchased.  To remove an item from the transaction, click the trash icon on the right side of the line item.

 3.  At this point of the transaction, you can add discounts, comments, sales reps, or any other of the POS functions.

   4.  Once all modifications have been made to the transaction, you will need to tender it out.  Click on the TOTAL button.  The tender options will appear on the right side of the screen.
5.  If paying with exact change, on account, check or credit card, simply click on the tender you want to use. 
In the example below, the customer is paying with $100.00.  Enter $100.00 then cash, or select the $100 quick key.

To split the payment between 2 tender types, enter the amount being used for the first tender, then select the tender.  The remaining amount due will be updated on the Total line.  Select the amount for the second tender, then select the tender.   

If the amount tendered requires change be given, the amount due the customer will pop up on the screen once the transaction is completed.

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