OpSuite POS Login

OpSuite POS Login

OpSuite Point of Sale
  OpSuite Point of Sale is a completely mobile application through any Android device.  It allows users to load the application on   devices as small as a mobile phone or stand alone devices.  Your device should be fully set up when you receive it, so it's as easy to   start as entering your six (6) digit PIN.
If your device is requiring a username, password and device key, please contact your Implementation Specialist for more instructions.    

 The OpSuite POS home page allows you to view the device information without logging in.  Click on the OpSuite POS logo and the Device Info will be   displayed.  This includes the Device Name, Device Code, Location, OpSuite POS version, and the Network Status. 
 If you see the checkmark and cloud icon in the upper left corner of the POS, you are connected to OpSuite and the settings and transactions are syncing.
 To get into OpSuite POS, enter the 6 digit pin assigned to you in the Employee module.  If you enter the   wrong PIN, you will be prompted to re-enter your PIN.  Once you log into the POS, you will be taken to the   default screen selected in OpSuite Point of Sale Device Settings. 
 If an update is available, you will be prompted to update the device when you log in.  You can choose to   update right away, or delay the update until the next day.  If you choose to delay the update, you can   manually update from the About Screen.

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