Login and Navigation

Login and Navigation

Logging Into OpSuite Office
OpSuite Office is a cloud (internet) based business application, and therefore is accessed via the internet through a web browser
(Chrome version 56 or higher recommended).  Using your assigned URL (Web Address), go to the OpSuite Login Screen. 

Enter your email address and password, and click or tap the Sign In button.  If you forget your password, you may use the Forgot Password link to be sent an email to reset your password.  Your Employee Profile must have a valid email address to use this function.  If you do not have an email in your Employee Profile, please contact your OpSuite Administrator to reset the password from within OpSuite.
Let’s get familiar with the basic screen layout of OpSuite 5. In the sections below, we will discuss the basic navigation in OpSuite. This section includes the basic functions that are common throughout the application. These will be referenced throughout this document, so please refer them as needed.

1. Expand to full screen.  This will hide your browser information, and only display OpSuite.
2. Log out.  This will log you out of OpSuite.
3. Collapse Menu.  This will fully hide the menu titles and icons.  
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