Line item and Transaction Modification and Changes

Line item and Transaction Modification and Changes

Line Item and Transaction Changes
In this section, you will see how to make changes to line items and make changes at the transaction level.

Starting a transaction from the Inventory page allows you to select items manually.  
Items can also be added using your barcode scanner or by entering the sku number.  
As you add items to the transaction, they will be listed in the order they were added.  The total will update to include the sum of all items and tax (if applicable).
To update the quantity of an item, click on the quantity at the far left of the line item.  Enter the total quantity and then click the green checkmark on the right.  To cancel without updating the quantity, click the red X.
If you want to split multiple quantities to a separate line, click on the quantity for the line item, then select SPLIT.  A pop-up will appear and you will enter the quantity out of the original quantity you want to separate to a new line item.  This may be done if a portion of the quantity is damaged and a discount will be applied to only the damaged items.  The new line item will show the original price of the item.

You can also change the price of the item by clicking the quantity or price on the left side of the line item.  Depending on your assigned role action and device settings, you may be required to select a Reason Code.  To accept the new price, click the green checkmark on the right.  To cancel without changing the price, click the red X.

To apply a discount to an item, click on price on the left side line item.  This will open up the discount.  Here you will select the type of discount to apply.  You can then enter the percent or amount of the discount to add to the line.  If your device is set to only allow Approved Discount Codes you will only be able to select a discount from the Reason Codes.  The set discount will then be applied.  To accept the discount, click the green checkmark.  To cancel without the discount, click the red X.

*Discounts will be applied to the entire quantity of the line item.

Tax can be adjusted for each line item by clicking on the price on the left side line item..  The options include Tax Exempt or not Tax Exempt.  When changing the tax on a line item, you may be required to enter a Reason Code so it can be tracked.  Here you can also change which tax will be applied to the line item.  Select Edit Tax and choose which tax code you want applied. 
*Any changes will be applied to the entire quantity of the line item.
In addition to line item changes, discounts and tax changes can be done at the transaction level.  Other features at the transaction level include Donations (if enabled), Sales Representative, Shipping, Delivery and Transaction Comments.
Transaction Discounts
Select DISC from the total bar, and choose your discount type, reason code and/or the discount amount.  More than 1 discount can be applied to the transaction.  Discounts will be applied to ALL items unless the item is marked Item Not Discountable in OpSuite. 
Transaction Tax
Taxes can be changed by selecting TAX from the total bar.  Here you can make the entire transaction tax exempt, or you can apply a new Tax Code along with the reason it is being changed.
Transaction Features
Along with discount and tax changes, there are other features that can affect the entire transaction.  By clicking TOTAL, a drop down of more options will be displayed.  
Options with NO customer selected:
  • Donations - If enabled for the device, you can add a donation here.  You can select to round up the total to the nearest dollar, or enter a different amount.
  • Comment - You can add a transaction comment, such as No Return, or Star Customer.  These comments may be printed on the receipt if enabled in the Receipt settings.


Options with a customer selected: 

  • All of the above
  • Sales Rep Search - You can select a sale representative from the drop down list.  Sales representatives must be enabled in the Employee record to be displayed.
  • Shipping - If the customer is choosing to have their items shipped or delivered, you can enter the total amount of shipping.
  • Shipping Address - If the customer is having their items shipped or delivered, you can select the shipping address here.  The customer's address from OpSuite will appear in the drop down, or you can enter a new address.
  • Delivery Notes - These are notes for the shipping or delivery, such as leave at front door, or do not ring bell.
  • Delivery Date - This is the date selected for delivery or shipping.


Item and Line Item Count

In the upper right corner, you will see an item count.  This is the TOTAL number of items on the transaction.
The total number of items can be changed to show the number of line items, or different items on the transaction.  To change from item count vs line item count, click on the text outlined here.

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