External Display - Customer Facing

External Display - Customer Facing

External Display at the Point of Sale
The External Display allows you to create a full color (if your POS supports this) rotating display.  The display can show current promotions, new items, and/or your brand.  The display can be set up for both standby images and transaction images.  Images must be created in the editor of your choice outside of OpSuite.  The image file times accepted are jpeg, png and tiff, and can be no larger than 5MB.  Images will be automatically resized to fit the screen.    
  Creating a New Display

Name - Create an original name for the external display 
Display Type:
Transaction - The images selected will be displayed on the right side of the screen during a transaction; the transaction details will be displayed on the left
Standby - The images selected will be rotated while the POS is on standby (no active transaction)
Locations - Locations where the external display will be active
Image Transition in seconds - How many seconds the images will be displayed for before changing to the next
Select Images - Here you will select the pre-designed images for the external display.  The order of the images can be changed by clicking and dragging the images to the desired position.  NOTE - You are limited to 5 images in Rotation for each display type.

Once all images have been selected, click Save

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