Donations can be created so that you customers can donate to a charity or cause your company decides on.  This feature allows you to set up a donation that is rounded up to the nearest dollar, round up and add an amount or a variable amount.  The corresponding Donation Summary Report will show the total donated to your cause.  Only one donation can be set up at a time per location.
To start, select Donations from the Point of Sale section of OpSuite, and click on New Donation.

First, enter a name for the Donation.  You can then enter a start and end date.  This allows you to stack donations right after each other.  Then select the Donation Type.
  • Round-up to Nearest Dollar - This will round up the post-tax total to the nearest dollar
  • Round-up to Nearest Dollar and Add $X.XX - This will round up the post-tax total to the nearest dollar and allow the customer to add more to the donation
  • Add $X.XX - This allows the customer to set the donation amount

Select the location(s) you want the donation to be active at.  Then select if you want a Display Prompt, which will pop up after you hit Total, asking for the donation, or if you want a Donation Button in the Function Buttons at the bottom of the POS screen.


Example of Donation Display Prompt

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