Discounts - Approved Discounts

Discounts - Approved Discounts

Discounts are preset discounts available on the POS.  These discounts have a defined dollar amount or percentage discount that cannot be changed at the time of the transaction.  A Discount Reason Code must be created prior to setting up a discount to be used on the POS.  These discounts are directly related to the Use Only Approved Discount Codes setting in Devices.  This must be enabled to use the discounts.  
Start by selecting Discounts under the Point of Sale section of OpSuite.  Click Add Discount in the upper left corner of the lookup menu.

  • Discount Code - Name of the Discount or brief description
  • Reason Code - Select the reason code set up in Data Types / Reason Codes
  • Discount Type - Percent or Fixed (dollar amount)
  • Discount Amount - Percent discount or Fixed dollar amount of discount
  • Discount Locations - Select the locations the discount will be available at.
  • Start and End Date - When will the discount be available. Start date will default to the date the discount is created.  End date is not required.
  • Days of the Week - This allows you to have the discount only allowed on certain days and times of the week.  For instance, the example above is from 5:00pm to 11:59pm Monday through Friday.


When completed, click Save. 

After you sync your POS device. These discounts become available by clicking on the red discount number on the POS station and will show in a drop down list:

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